AI + Generative Design
Aibio is a vision of a more renewable Future.  One where AI and Generative Design are an integral part of the circular design process.

Organic structures and 3D-printing in bio-composite materials provide a bold contrast to the rectilinear objects all around us, the straight lines and uninspiring boxes created by the limitations of industrial tools and traditional manufacturing processes.

Algorithms can generate hundreds of unusual designs and mimic the shapes found in evolutionary biology.

The result is organic, and familiar, yet somehow different to anything you've seen before.
A Sustainable Loop
Around 12 million tonnes of furniture and interior design concepts end up in waste streams each and every year (EU) . Only around 10% is recycled or re-used.

We refuse to have any part of this destructive equation. Sustainable solutions are at the very core of everything we do.

Aibio, therefore represents what is possible using the principles of circular design.

This simply means that when anything we have produced reaches the end of life, we take it back and reuse the material to create entirely new objects and designs.

The benefit of this process means that table can become a chair, which can be reborn as a vase or a reception desk.

A closed loop that is sustainable and completely circular.